Pass Powderkeg makes it a pleasure for skiers and riders to learn the ropes

Author: Karen Ung

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“I can almost connect my turns!” first-time snowboarder, Ivy Folkhard says, grinning from ear to ear. She’s been on a snowboard for little more than an hour, but has already mastered the basics. Edward Ford, Pass Powderkeg Snow School Instructor extraordinaire, gives her a high five before checking on the rest of the family. While Cohen, 8, works hard to keep up to his 10- year-old sister, Berkeley, 5, laughs as she falls in the snow again. “You’re doing that on purpose!” Edward teases.

Parents, Lani and Tyler are happy to see the kids enjoying themselves. Tyler has snowboarded before, but it’s Lani and the kids’ first time. With one lesson, they’ve progressed from the training area to the tow rope, and learned to skate, heel slide, stop, use the tow rope, and get up. Ivy and her parents have also started doing heel side turns. When I ask Lani how it’s going, she candidly reports, “It was a bit hard at first, but now that I know a few things, it’s good.” She proceeds to heel slide down the bunny hill without falling.

The Folkhards live in Blairmore, and can see their house from the ski hill. They could literally ride to the bottom of the hill and walk home since the hill ends in town. No shuttle or driving required. How cool is that?

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