Alberta's Roadside Attractions

This adventure will take you approximately 6 days

Day 1: World's Largest Golf Tee

Your first stop is at Trochu, about an hour southeast of Red Deer on Hwy 21. You simply can’t miss the World’s Largest Golf Tee. It towers over the Trochu Golf & Country Club. Get in nine holes while you’re there and have lunch at the clubhouse.

Trochu Golf and Country Club

103 Devilder Ave, Trochu, Alberta

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DAY 2: Largest Oil Lamp

„Then head north on Hwy 21 and hang a right at Bashaw to the village of Donalda on Hwy 53, about 130 km (80 mi). Here you will find the World’s Largest Oil Lamp at 12.8 m (42 ft) high and lit at dusk every evening. It stands in tribute to the Donalda & District Museum’s collection of more than 900 kerosene lamps in use from the 1600s to the 1950s.

Donalda & District Museum

5001 Main St, Donalda, Alberta

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Day3: Largest Easter Egg

Continue east on Hwy 53, then north on Hwy 855, and follow Range Road 150 about an hour and a half into Vegreville to see the World’s Largest Pysanka (Ukrainian Easter Egg), recognized as a unique achievement in mathematics, architecture and engineering.

Vegreville Pysanka (Easter Egg)

Vegreville, Alberta

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Day 4: Largest Mallard Duck

Head north on Hwy 855 for about 32 km (20 mi) to the village of Andrew, which pays tribute to its duck breeding grounds at Whitford Lake with the World’s Largest Mallard Duck, wingspan 7.2 m (23 ft).

Day 5: Largest Mushroom

„Make your way to Hwy 645 east, then north on Hwy 857, then east on Hwy 28 to Vilna, roughly 56 km (35 mi), to see the World’s Largest Mushrooms celebrating the mushroom hunting tradition of early Ukrainian settlers. See the giant fungi in –you guessed it – Mushroom Park.

World's Largest Mushrooms

Vilna, Alberta

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Day 6: Largest Pyrogy

„Return to Hwy 28 and head east a half hour to Glendon to see the World’s Largest Pyrogy – with a giant fork stuck through it. Your world’s largest adventure is now complete.

World's Largest Pyrogy

Glendon, Alberta

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