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While Canada is a relatively young country, there are many architecturally significant buildings and landmarks for you to explore in Alberta. Our oldest building is a chapel built in 1861 by Father Albert Lacombe as the heart of the settlement of St. Albert. Here, and at many other historic sites, costumed interpreters will take you back in time. From Edmonton’s Legislative Assembly of Alberta, built of marble and local sandstone in 1907 in the Beaux Arts style popular at the time, to the Calgary Tower built 60 years later of concrete and steel, you’ll discover fascinating architecture around the province that expresses our evolving history and culture.
Calgary Tower
Edmonton City Hall

Landmarks & Buildings to See

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Spruce Grove Grain Elevator Musem

Spruce Grove, Alberta

The Agricultural Society is a non-profit organization that was formed in 1972 to support the agriculture horticulture home making and quality of life in the community. The goal of the Ag Society is to ensure that the history of the community is kept alive both for the present and future.

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St. Patrick's Island

Calgary, Alberta

Just a skipping stone away from East Village, across the George C. King Bridge (formerly St. Patrick's Bridge), St. Patrick’s Island opened in 2015, offering East Village residents and all Calgarians a beautifully revitalized 31-acre backyard. Nature lovers, families and urban explorers alike can revel in the natural beauty that has been restored through mindful renewal and a biophilia master plan – a landscape design approach that nurtures the bond between people and nature.

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Rosedale Suspension Bridge

Rosedale, Alberta
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The Star Mine Suspension Bridge is a 117 metre long pedestrian suspension bridge which crosses the Red Deer River in Rosedale, just outside of Drumheller, Alberta. Constructed in 1931, the bridge was built for the coal workers of Star Mine. Although once used by miners, the bridge is now a favourite among locals for fishing and to access great Badlands terrain. Enjoy hiking, hill climbing, a day use area and the great opportunity for sight-seeing. Free attraction.

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Travel Offers

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Drumheller & Badlands Tour

Travel with us to one of the most unusual and breathtaking landscapes in Alberta, the Drumheller Valley. The tour visits Horseshoe Canyon, the Hoodoos, Atlas Coal Mine, the Rosedale Suspension Bridge, and The Royal Tyrrell Museum. All admissions are included.

Expires: 2017-07-30
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Drumheller and the Badlands Day Tour

This Drumheller day tour (from Calgary) features the dinosaur capital of the world, and visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology. Then head to Atlas Coal mine for a guided tour of this National Historic Site. Finally take a stroll across the Rosedale Suspension Bridge to view the Hoodoos.

Expires: 2017-09-30
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Edmonton Attractions Pass

Take advantage of Edmonton's attractions with a U-Pick Pass. The Edmonton Attractions Pass gives you access to any 4 out of 15 of the region's most visited attractions for one low price. Or, choose to upgrade to the Ultimate Pass for admission to all 15 attractions.

Expires: 2017-06-06
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