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Canadian Badlands Canadian Badlands

In prehistoric times, much of North America was a lush subtropical habitat embracing a vast inland sea. This is where the dinosaurs roamed 70 million years ago. Fast forward to present-day central and southern Alberta where their bones now rest in ancient riverbeds, framed by the maroon-striped canyons of the mysterious Canadian Badlands. Find yourself a little bit out there. Wander through the cottonwoods along the banks of meandering rivers. Ride horseback through prairies and grasslands just like the early cowboys and ranchers. Discover the history of the pioneers who flocked west to build the railway and seek their fortunes in coal and clay.
Canadian Badlands map
Drumheller group golfing
Dinosaur Trail Golf & Country Club in Drumheller
Dinosaur statue Dinosaur Provincial Park Canadian Badlands
Drumheller in 360


Brooks Aqueduct National and Provincial Historic Site

Brooks, Alberta
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The Brooks Aqueduct was built over 90 years ago by the Canadian Pacific Railway's irrigation division to serve as a vital link in its expansive irrigation network. The aqueduct stretched the limits of engineering design and technology, and at the time, it was the largest concrete structure of its kind in the world. Like a giant centipede, it spans a shallow 3.2 km (2 miles) wide valley, suspending a concrete sling 20 metres (66 feet) above the prairie landscape. Once filled with water bound for the croplands of southwestern Alberta, today this national and provincial historic site holds only memories.

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Dinosaur Trail Golf & Country Club

Drumheller, Alberta
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While you are at Dinosaur Trail Golf & Country Club, you will experience a course like no other. Two completely different sets of 9s define this 18-hole course, offering stark scenery.

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World’s Largest Golf Tee

Trochu, Alberta
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The town of Trochu, located about an hour southeast of Red Deer, is home to the world's largest golf tee. The towering 12 m (40 ft) tall tee stands just outside the Trochu Golf and Country Club.

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Holiday Packages

Prairies & Rockies

The grandeur of the Canadian Rockies awaits you! Travel the famous Icefields Parkway, Drumheller, Cypress Hills and Edmonton.

Expires: 2017-10-01
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Alberta Badlands Top-Down Tours

Drumheller, Alberta

Alberta's Badlands are unveiled as we depart from Drumheller or other pick-up locations and venture through the scenic Red Deer River Valley. A fleet of PT Cruiser convertibles allow for unhampered 360-degree views of landscapes, creating WOW! moments around each corner and at every hilltop. Not your average day trip!

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