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The Thrills and Chills of All Hallows Eve

Author: Aspen Crossing, Aspen Crossing


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Aspen Crossing - Train of Terror - Mossleigh, AB

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 Getting Your Scream On

A lot of us truly enjoy the chilling thrill of being thoroughly frightened in the moment, only to break out in total hilarious laughter, knowing the frightful experience is totally without any true danger to us. 

There is an almost indescribable thrill when your heart starts to race, the palms of your hands begin to sweat and there’s something flying around in your stomach. Our brains know we are safe, but instinctively we are wired for flight when confronted with the unknown which scares us. 


When we enter a fun house, a locked room or a staged haunted environment, we anticipate a little bit of the unknown. We expect to be scared and it’s the chilling thrill that brings us to laughter when we realize we’ve gotten through the experience.  Sharing our feelings with others and comparing thoughts is part of the rush. 

“You get to have your fear and disgust buttons pushed but you're not actually in danger. You're not falling off a cliff.” 


Playing Dress Up

As children, it’s okay to get dressed up in something other than regular clothes. Children love to emulate their favorite Disney character at Halloween, but once we’ve hit adulthood, that seems to all change. Halloween is gaining in popularity for adults looking to have a little fun of their own. Couples love to recreate other famous well-known couples. Mostly in spoof-like parody.


Halloween allows the opportunity to step out and away from our usual selves. In the past decade Halloween costume sales have risen from 1/3 of adults getting into the spirit of things to 50% of adults now taking an active part in dressing up. That’s a large jump in one decade. It seems we adults love the whole concept of becoming something we’re not, even if just for one night. Today we’re spending approximately 42% more on our costumes than children’s costumes, proving Halloween is serious business. 


Transforming ourselves into a totally different character different from our real selves can be liberating. It’s like a vacation from stress. Our inner child gets to come out and play which helps all the adulting stress fade away. It helps us reconnect and appreciate the silly fun things, in order to maintain a healthy life-work balance.  

For some of us, it’s the creative fantasy that provides the escape. Don’t forget the fun of socializing and showing off those well thought out costumes we’ve invested in. 


The Train of Terror

It’s been said that, “There's something inherently eerie about a) small, old towns and b) trains at night. The combination of the two just seems like a horror movie in the making . . .”


Mossleigh, Alberta may have been a once thriving community in it’s heyday of the early 1900’s, but it certainly fits the bill of small town. It isn’t surprising that with so much enthusiasm for all things Halloween, that Aspen Crossing created the Train of Terror. From early October through Halloween,  the most terrifying moving train in Canada takes to the tracks, travelling right through Mossleigh.


All you lovers of all Hallows Eve, best get your Big Kid Panties on good and tight! Make sure you have all your wits about you for this ultimate, petrifying adult train excursion. 


Yes, it is rated 18 + and for multiple reasons. We offer a variety of family friendly train excursions, including  THE POLAR EXPRESS™. So, the Train of Terror is one for just the big kids that like to get their Scream On and then party with their friends and family as they brag how brave they were!


Intense audio and lighting, low visibility, strobe and fog effects, damp and wet conditions, physically demanding environments and tight spaces, close contact with actors and props (you might get touched), graphic scenes and extreme horror.


Not Recommended If:

Pregnant, claustrophobic, have had seizures, any heart conditions or respiratory problems.

You will enter the ‘Train of Terror’ at your own risk. Before you board the train, you will need to complete a ‘Train of Terror’ waiver and show photo ID.

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