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Central Alberta Central Alberta

A long, long time ago, this land was covered in ginormous glaciers. After all that ice retreated, it left behind seriously productive farmland. Farmers and ranchers came to define this region of Alberta (and made cowboy hats really popular). ● Cowboy up: Take a horseback trail ride under the skilled guidance of a local ranch hand. Choose from short tours up to multi-day outings, depending how much experience you have in the saddle. ● To do: The Red Deer River isn’t just good for canola crops. It’s a prime body of water for a relaxing summer paddle by kayak or canoe.
Dinosaur Provincial Park

Viking battles, fjord horses, Scandinavian dancing - all of it and more came to Red Deer on June 24th. To commemorate the Norwegian Laft Hus Society's 30th anniversary, volunteers held a festival that the city won't soon forget.

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Cowboy Trail

Cowboy Trail