Where Our Horses Go On Holiday

Author: Jonny Bierman, Eco Escape Travel

Grounded in the Canadian Rockies, Jonny is an ecotourism expert who specializes in freelance writing, photography, and media marketing with his business Eco Escape Travel. Focusing on ecotourism, adventure and travel, he also has a passion for the environment.


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It’s a pretty sweet gig – work six months of the year, then run free, eat, and hang with your buds for the other six months.

Who wouldn’t want this life? At Banff Trail Riders, that is the life of our 300+ horses each year. At the end of the season, we transport them back to our full-section of land (640 acres) where they get their shoes taken off and roam free in the wide-open Alberta foothills. While they’re out here, they get care and attention under the watchful eyes of Tyler Ritchie. Tyler is our lead backcountry wrangler who is in charge of the herd during the winter, and the horses know him well.

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