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I am currently sitting in the beautiful Heathrow Airport, awaiting a flight home to Calgary. While I’ve travelled the world, done incredible things and some not-so incredible things (yes, I’m talking about that one time in Bruges - we don’t talk about it), this is always the thing that surprises me about coming home. The signage all through the airport refers to this flight as one to Calgary/Banff. Not Calgary/Okotoks. Not Calgary/Bragg Creek. Calgary/Banff.


Why is it that these two locations are listed beside each other on the flight screen? Is it because Banff is more widely known that Calgary? Is it because they’re relatively close? I’m sure someone out there knows the real reason; but for now, I have a theory.

Calgary and Banff are equally special and therefore have to have side-by-side billings.

What some people don’t realize is that Calgary deserves more than one night while getting ready to head to the majestic Rocky Mountains. Here at Urban Crawl, we want you to realize the beauty that Calgary holds.  We want you to enjoy the little things that our city offers and is so proud of. We want you to spend a little more time exploring the corners and crevices that hold so many great experiences.

Urban Crawl takes you to local hidden gems, will teach you a little about our short history and ensure you experience the best that our home offers. Laugh, joke, learn and find out what makes Calgary deserving of that side by side billing.

So, want to join me on my flight home?

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