How to Best Enjoy Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden

Author: Lyndon Penner

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How to Best Enjoy Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden!

Lethbridge has an incredible Japanese garden that is actually celebrating its 50th birthday this year! For reasons that are obscure to us, many citizens are unaware of this gem right in the heart of our city! For the best possible garden experience, we offer the following tips!

1.) Make more than one trip to the garden over the course of the year. The colours are totally different in fall than they are in spring. Lighting is quite different in the afternoon than in the morning. The garden is different on a week day than it is during the weekend. To truly appreciate the garden, you have to see it from different angles and at different times.

2.) Enter the garden with the right state of mind. The garden is meant to soothe and comfort. We live in a busy world and we all have a lot going on. When you come to the garden, you should be prepared to let go of your troubles, your worries, and the things that stress you out. Don’t rush through the garden. Take your time. Listen to the sound of the water running, the birds singing, and the wind in the trees. Allow yourself the luxury of moving at an unhurried pace.

3.) All the plants in the garden are uniquely beautiful in and of themselves, but it is how they work together to create a sense of harmony that makes Nikka Yuko a truly special place. One individual person can certainly make a difference, but it is when we work together that something truly wonderful can happen. The garden is living proof of many people and many plants working together to create a beautiful whole. Feel and sense that you are valued as an individual, but that you are also cherished and loved as part of a greater community.

4.) Some of the plants in the garden are new, others have been here for decades. So it is with the people in our lives. Children and babies are marvelous gifts, but so too are the aged and the very elderly. Both are to be treasured, and for different reasons. When you walk through the garden, notice which trees and flowers are in the prime of their youth, and others which have grown gnarled and rustic with time. Both are beautiful, and both should be celebrated.

5.) Nikka Yuko is the Canada-Japan friendship garden; it is where two cultures come together in unity and peace. It is a lovely place to bring friends who are visiting from out of town, or friends that live nearby. All people are welcome at Nikka Yuko, and we invite you to join us as we approach our 50th anniversary.


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