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Born in Hong Kong and raised in Vancouver, Mhairri now lives in Calgary with her husband and young daughter. Specialising in family, luxury and culinary focused travel,Mhairri loves exploring her new province, nourishing her wanderlust and writing about her adventures.


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Her tiny hands grip the steering wheel. She looks calm. As if she’s been driving for years. It’s only when the old jalopy begins to chug along the track that she is transformed. Her poised demeanour gives way to sheer delight. Riding solo on Super Trucks at Calaway Park has granted my two-year old daughter Brooklyn the taste of the freedom she so desperately seeks.

Western Canada’s largest outdoor theme park, located just twenty minutes west of Calgary, is a wonderland for wee ones. Kid-sized rides are in abundance and, with plenty of parented and unaccompanied options available, the older kiddos have a total blast as well. Make a day of it, or book a spot at Calaway’s RV Park and Campground for a fun-filled weekend.

Crowd Free Walking Paths

We arrived a few minutes before the park opened. A herd of stroller-pushing parents were already waiting at the gates. Excited children and the scent of sunscreen welcomed us to the line. Once inside I was pleasantly surprised. The crowd appeared to disappear and the park’s wide-open pathways made it easy to let my daughter out of the stroller to saunter, skip and scamper as she pleased. A perfectly safe environment to manage my child’s boundless energy? Yes please.

Kid-Sized Rides

There are fast, spinney and highflying rides for all ages at Calaway Park. In the heat of summer the wet and wild Timber Falls log ride is without a doubt the most popular. Today our focus is on pint sized fun. My daughter’s excitement for the gentler rides easily matches the exhilarating screams and cheers coming from the Ocean Motion swing ship and gravity-defying thriller The Storm. Using the park’s colour coded height guide made it easy to navigate the toddler appropriate rides. First up were the parent accompanied ones. We spun in the Berry Go Round, rode on the classic Carousel, floated in the air on the Balloon Ascension and soared over eight metres high on Aeromax – the absolute favourite of the day.

Solo Rides and Room to Grow

After a quick break for lunch, a princess-themed stage show and a few rounds of the Water Gun Fun game (for dad), it was time for Brooklyn to go it alone. She was captain of the ship on Tot Yachts, steering her vessel along shallow waters, and then chief engineer aboard the Rocky Mountain Railroad. Next summer my thrill seeking babe will be ready to take on the Mini Express rollercoaster, Swirly Twirl and Timber Falls. Although when she’s tall enough for the adrenalin shattering ride Chaos I’ll have to enlist dear old dad as co-pilot!

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