A Summer of Fun for Theorybrew

Author: Kelti Baird, Theoretically Brewing Co.

Kel is a founding owner of Theoretically Brewing Co. in Lethbridge AB. She has a BA in History, and has lived in Lethbridge for over 12 years! She loves beer, dogs, and the environment.


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Theoretically Brewing Company opened its doors in December of 2015 just a few days before winter holidays. Since then, the Southern Alberta brewing scene has exploded introducing three more breweries in Medicine Hat, one more in Lethbridge (with another on the way), one in Fort MacLeod, and another in Lundbreck with trends showing that more breweries will be opening and the industry will continue to grow.

As more folks become interested in what local beer has to offer, Theoretically Brewing Co is focusing on enhancing the experience around trying new beers by opening up their internal tasting room -- an intimate space of just 25 seats-- and their 45-person seasonal patio to local music and entertainment acts. By working with local community radio organizations, owners Kris and Kel hope to grow the Local craze in Lethbridge and premier new regional talent in their space.

It is all about community and a feeling of inclusiveness at Theoretically Brewing Co, which allows friendly dogs both within the brewery and on the patio. Families can sit together, try beer and craft soda, and enjoy true community building spirit.

2019 promises a host of events at Theoretically Brewing Co including upcoming concerts, beer festivals, patio parties featuring local food trucks, and night markets where folks can browse hand-made artesan wares from the region. By partnering with local businesses and organizations, the brewery hopes to become a beacon of the best that Lethbridge and the surrounding region have to offer.

2019 Seasonal release beers are already rolling out of the brewery including:

The Pyrolitic Posse - A Caramel Cream Ale created by one of the 2019 Women's Brew teams. - Launched March 22

The Dark Chocolate Diffractors - A Chocolate Stout created by one of the 2019 Women's Brew teams. Launched March 22

The Spring Seasonal release will be a spruce-tip lemon braggot (launch date TBD)

Fomenko's Chronology Raspberry Sour - Launches June 1

CFC Buster Habanero IPA - Launches August 1

Pirates of Persica Rum Peach Brown Ale - Launches Sept 1

Space Chai-m Continuum Chai Vanilla Porter - Launches Dec 1.

Stay tuned for a list of events, food trucks, and awesome things coming your way!

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