Locals call it the ‘Mighty Peace’ for a reason: because paddling it is awesome

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Apr 17, 2018 - 1 minute read

Locals, who tend to be a tad literal about these things, call it the ‘Mighty Peace,” and it lives up to that name in a couple of ways. 

First of all, the Peace River in northern Alberta is rather mighty. It’s part of the 13th longest river system in the world, starting in the Rockies and emptying near the North Pole. It’s big and muscular and, well, mighty at more than 1,900 kms long. When explorer Alexander Mackenzie first went through the area, he called it the Unjegah, a word the local indigenous people used that translates to “large river” (see what we mean about being literal?).

But the river also has its moments of peace. The river flows through some amazingly beautiful scenery in one of the world’s largest remaining tracts of forest. Wildlife abounds, stars dazzle, and locals are happy to show it off. Paddling the area is a rite of passage for some, an exercise in escapism for others, and just a fun afternoon for others.

You'll feel millions of miles away as you paddle into a misty Peace River morning. 

Mike Seehagel

The Peace River is just one of Alberta’s prime spots for paddling. For Canadians, the image of a canoe on a river is one of identity and history. It’s particularly fun with a partner who shares your excitement for exploring and a well-behaved dog (or vice versa). 

From the iconic lakes of the Rockies to the Red Deer River in the prairies of central Alberta to the serenity of the Milk River in southern Alberta, getting out on a river in a canoe, kayak or raft is one of the great ways to explore Alberta.

Learn more about canoeing and kayaking in Alberta here.

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